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Placing multiple Share buttons on the page

Allow your website visitors to share your posts without going to the post’s page. How? Place Share buttons into the Appearance of entries template to make it look like this:

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Upgrade to the PRO Plan
  • Create a Share buttons set
  • Place the button set’s code on the website

Upgrade to the PRO Plan

To let visitors share the post’s appearance, you need to enable the Don’t share this page option. It is available on the PRO version of uSocial.

Proceed to the PRO Plan’s purchase page:

Upgrade to Pro

Once upgraded, you can explore the service to its full potential.

Create a Share button set

Create a new Share button set:

In the settings, scroll down to the "Don’t share this page" option and check "use the URL which is different from the page’s one":

In the field that will appear, specify the website’s domain name and the template’s variable that takes to the post’s page:$ENTRY_URL$ or$ENTRY_URL$. This value will be added into the data-url attribute:

In the future, you can change the value of this attribute in the website’s template as you think fit. That’s why you won’t need to create an individual set for a forum, simply change the value of the data-url attribute to $THREAD_URL$ in the generated code:

Also, in the mobile settings activate the disable mobile version option:

Now save the set and copy the received code:

Place the set’s code on the website

Open the Control Panel of the website and head over to "Design > Design management (templates)". On the page that will appear, choose the "Appearance of entries" template of the module you want to add the Share buttons to. For example, "Ad Board":

Paste the code you have received earlier (1) and click on the "Save" button (2):

The installation is complete!