Social media services

How to install social buttons onto your website

Social buttons allow to connect your website to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other.

The social buttons may be of 2 kinds:

  • "Share" buttons. After clicking this kind of button, a user can share a post from your website to their feed. The shared post will contain a link back to your website, so the user’s friends and followers can click it.
  • "Like" buttons. These buttons serve as a social proof of your website’s popularity. When a user sees a number of likes under your posts, it builds trust and credibility to the article’s author.

Creating button sets

When you decide which kind of buttons you would like to go with, choose them at by clicking on "Create a set":

Regardless of your choice, you will be taken to the Editor to create a button set. This page consists of 2 areas: preview (1) and settings (2):

Choose the social buttons which you would like to see added to your website. Just drag them from the settings to the preview area:

Select the button shape and style:

Set up positioning, orientation, size, and the way the counter will be displayed.

Static position allows to display the social bar on your website at the place where the code will be embedded. The other position options will freeze the button at the specific place on the screen (top, bottom, left, right) which won’t change even when scrolling.

Additional settings allow to edit the button view on mobile devices.

Make up a name for your button set and specify the website address, so that you could view the button statistics in the future.

When everything is set, click on the “Save code” button to get the embed code that should be placed on your website pages: